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Can We Manage Creatinine Levels with The Help Of Ayurveda?

Kidneys play a major role in maintaining the functioning of your body. They are the central key that unlocks the essential nourishment for every aspect of your body. This is very useful for the internal and external growth that your body requires. Creatinine is an indication of how normal your kidneys are doing their duties. These fist-sized organs are the central facility that provides blood filtration balance in electrolytes and the formation of red blood cells in your body.

What is Creatinine?

Food plays a major role in providing energy according to our physical needs, these days diets are rich in essential nutritious compounds that are proven to be beneficial for our body. Creatine is the top compound that helps in providing energy to our muscles. This amino acid has acquired a whole lot of attraction in the world of dietary supplements. Science states that creatine is a compound that helps in increasing your body mass. It improves your ability to recover from an intense activity that has challenged your self. Basically, creatine is the key to push yourself to an extreme or we can say that creatine is the powerhouse that provides beneficial physical strength internally as well as externally. When we consume foods that are rich in protein and have great nutritional value, the foundation of creatine takes place.

Creatine is also said to provide other health benefits such as protecting against the disorder that affects your brain.

After the breakdown of creatine, a waste product is created that is known as creatinine. Creatinine is also a major indicator of the nature of kidneys functionality Elevated creatinine levels are the significance of an abnormal kidney function which can lead to major kidney diseases. The level of creatinine will increase because kidneys are unable to perform at their usual rate. A strike in a high creatinine level can disrupt the entire management that kidneys are responsible for.

What are the symptoms of higher creatinine levels?

Creatinine level differs from person to person, the total dependency of the creatinine levels are interconnected with factors such as body, size, age or gender. So there are different definitions of normal creatinine levels for each person.

  • Muscular dystrophy: It is a muscle disease which includes weakening of muscles stiffness, pain and decrease in the mobility of human being.

  • Swelling

  • Fatigue

  • Abnormal changes in urination

  • Nausea

  • Itching

  • A disease that can invade the functioning of the liver creates an obstruction in creatinine production causing low creatinine levels. Symptoms include jaundice abdominal pain and swelling.

  • Excess dehydration can occur due to the use of drug-based medication, pregnancy, and excess intake of water.

However the process of breaking down the creatine creates creatinine, lower levels can be detected in people with lower muscle mass. A reduced rate of muscle mass is easily found in older people. Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine explains the symptoms deeply which makes it easier for the patient to understand what state he is in.

What are the causes of higher creatinine levels?

While creatine provides us with several health benefits, the production of unusual creatinine levels can cause our kidneys to malfunction, several causes are stated below:

  • Chronic kidney disease: When kidneys are not functioning accordingly, they are unable to filter creatinine from the blood resulting in rising levels of creatinine.

  • Kidney obstruction: Abnormal flow of urine due to certain obstacles. For instance, the conditions of kidney stone, urinary tract infection can create a lot of urine into the kidneys and dysfunctions the kidney's abilities.

  • Dehydration: Deadly cases of dehydration can create deadlier outcomes for the kidney which can result in affecting the creatinine levels and causing an injury to the kidneys. In this world, where supplements are given priority instead of natural remedies, increased consumption of protein and meals that contain higher levels of protein can also create a spike in creatinine levels.

  • The use of Drug Based medication can also cause a temporary increase in creatinine levels because they juggle with the normal balance of water that our body requires.

Understanding the causes is necessary in order to get closer to the roots of the health condition. So that it can become easier to have a proper treatment for the management of creatinine levels. Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine has treated a lot of patients with significant health conditions.

What are the best treatment options for maintaining creatinine levels?

Whenever someone is having imbalanced creatinine levels, the immediate treatment that is advised is the use of allopathic treatment and modern medicines. The modern world has developed man-made machines that can replace the functioning of kidneys but the use of these painful and expensive treatments can disturb a patient’s mental as well as physical well-being. Herbal Ayurveda believes in rejuvenating kidneys without these treatments.

The Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine is a combination of herbs that are very important in maintaining creatinine levels in your body. Ayurvedic treatments have worked wonders in treating the condition naturally. Diet is prominent in the ayurvedic treatment of creatinine. The balance in the diet offers meals that are low in proteins and can help maintain the levels of creatinine.

Kidney and Ayurveda have interrelated the treatments that stop kidney dialysis in Ayurvedic treatment with the combination of natural ways of dealing with the major diseases. Contact Dr. Puneet, a kidney specialist who has introduced a mission statement against allopathic treatments. By treating 1,20,000 patients with kidney diseases in India.